Aur mission

Our aim is supporting HVAC projects, as well as development projects of thermal devices, using three-dimensional numerical simulation of fluid mechanics.

We carry out simulations of fires and smoke extraction, indoor air quality, aerodynamics, heat transfer and broadly understood heat-flow phenomena.

CFD prototyping

CFD simulation is a virtual experiment that can realize the accepted idea and estimate the effectiveness of the goal. It is an effective and indispensable design tool in the modern innovation engineering.

Key advantage of simulation is 3D visualization of fluid motion and its parameters (velocity, pressure, temperature, concentration and other) in the testing equipment for better physic understanding and obtaining accurate results.


Trial and error method realizing on the computer screen is practically unrivalled. The computer model can be easily and quickly edited to approach the best possible solution.

Financial outlay and project time
is incomparably lower than in the real experiment. Simulations help to avoid over sizing and shorten design time.

Recent projects

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The flow of liquid in the settler

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Fire simulation in garage

an image

The airflow in the operating room

an image

Optymalization of ground heat exchanger