Aur mission

Our goal is to predict fluid parameters without conducting measurements. The calculations are possible thanks to advanced numerical methods and high computing power. We support HVAC installations, industrial design, design improvement projects, and developing a new product using a three-dimensional numerical simulation of fluid dynamics.

We simulate fluid flow and thermal phenomena, including fires and smoke removal, internal air quality, fluid-body interaction, flow resistance, heat transfer, multiphase flows, and moving grids.

CFD prototyping

CFD prototyping is virtual experimentation, by means of which it is possible to estimate the effectiveness of the tested device and then optimize it. The computer model is edited quickly, therefore the trial and error method implemented with the use of a computer is very beneficial.

Key advantages of the simulation are the 3D visualization of fluid movement and its parameters (direction, speed, turbulence intensity, pressure, temperature, component concentration, and others) in the tested device and obtaining accurate results.


CFD simulation makes it possible
- accurate results in 3D space,
- better understanding of physical phenomena,
- evaluate the design without experimenting,
- properly design fire ventilation,
- verify the causes of poor air quality,
- develop a highly effective device.

Financial inputs and required time
is incomparably lower than in real experiments. Simulations allow you to shorten the design time, and expenses related to its implementation and avoid oversizing

Recent projects

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The new simulation sofwater CAESIM

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Pulse-powered turbine engine concept

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Fire simulation in garage

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The airflow in the operating room