FLOWTEK's offer

We are open to get involved simulation not mentioned in the offer, but is closely related to the fluid and heat transfer flow topic. We invite you to cooperate !

Fire and Smoke Simulations

- simulations of the fire, the spread of heat and smoke,
- calculation of evacuation time, visibility, temperature,
- verification of the effectiveness of the designed system,
- modifications of the system to find the optimal solution,
- fume exhaust systems, jet, gravity ventilation
- objects: staicases, garage, atriums, shopping centers, offices.

Air Quality Simulations

- simulations of ventilation performance and comfort,
- calculation of CO2 concentration [ppm], relative humidity RH [%],
- calculation of air exchange efficiency and air age,
- pollution simulations
- analysis of displacement, mixing, zonal ventilation systems
- objects: offices, cinemas, operating rooms, museums, swimming pools, production pools.

Aerodynamic Simulations

- simulations of external and internal flows,
- calculation of velocity and pressure distribution,
- flows through the porous medium,
- filling of pressure vessels,
- dynamic fluid-structure interaction (moving mesh)
- multi-phase flows,
- objects: buildings, channels, valves, filters and others.

Thermal Simulations

- heat transfer simulations in solids and fluids,
- oconduction, convection and radiation calculations
- calculation of temperature distribution in devices,
- optimization of insulation or intensification of heat transfer, mixing,
- chemical reaction, combustion,
- objects: heat exchangers (ground exchangers, recuperators, radiators), load-bearing structures, thermal bridges and others.