The FLOWTEK was founded in 2013 year. The owner is Ph.d. eng. Piotr Tarnawski, main CFD specialist with many years of expierience. He graduated Silesian University of technology in the field of Application of Numerical Methods in Environmental and Power Engineering. He have been gaining experience during scholarship grant on Fachhochschule Stralsund in Germany, 4 years of work in Research-Center of international corporation ABB, 5-year cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology, and 8-year cooperation with companies as part of the FLOWTEK company. He is a member of IBPSA Poland association. Currently he is related with Warsaw University of Technology. The FLOWTEK company was founded out of a passion for technology and the requirements for modern devices.


- Rynek Instalacyjny Paper: CFD Analysis of Ventilation Efficiency for Different Distribution Systems
- Cyrkulacje Paper: CFD Analysis of Displacement Ventilation for Cinema Hal
- Forum Wentylacja: Key Parameters Forming Thermal Comfort in the Room
- Rynek Instalacyjny paper: CFD Analysis of Ground Heat Exchanger Performance in Winter
- Chłodnictwo i Klimatyzacja paper: Ground Heat Exchanger CFD Analysis of Cooling Performance - Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences - Technical Sciences: "Pulse powered turbine engine concept – numerical analysis of influence of different valve timing concepts on thermodynamic performance"
- Cyrkulacje 49 January-February 2019: "CFD simulation of ventilation in operating room"

Recent realization

- Alianz Agency - Evacuation expertise for residential-service building in Nowy Sącz,
- Ground-Therm sp. z o.o. - Thermal analysis of ground heat exchanger Tichelmann type,
- GPI Sebastian Stefański - CFD analysis of channel smoke extraction for commercial-service building,
- GPI Sebastian Stefański - CFD analysis of channel smoke extraction for commercial-service building,
- Eko-Tecgnologie - CFD analysis of smoke extraction for Atrium clinic building WOMP in Lublin,
- Silesian University of Technology - Development of impulse power turbine engine concept,
- ERBUD S. A. - Fire and smoke simulation of Building in krakow,
- AB Industry S. A. - Simulation of liquid flow in pipeline (Ironworks in Krakow)


Piotr Tarnawski

tel: 503 351 887
email: piotr.tarnawski@flowtek.pl

31-423 Kraków,
ul. Józefa Łepkowskiego 5/39

NIP: 687-180-15-16
REGON: 122983531

From Simulation To Innowation...

Thermal comfort in office

Impact of wind on building

Smoke spread in garage

Groun heat exchanger

Thermal comfort in cinema

Smoke spread in shopping center

Smoke spread in atrium

Pressure drop in elbows

Mixing intensification

Jest ventilation

Continous footing isolation

Injection and combustion simulation

Combustion chamber filling

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Valve opening

an image

Free surface flow

an image

Smoke distriubution for staircase